The Life and Times of Davenport

Oh snap, it's fookin' DAVENPORT!


Anon really fucked it up this time…

Smooth as a grape, the new pillow talk.


Anon really fucked it up this time…

Smooth as a grape, the new pillow talk.


Truth be told, I hate including political events here. But when your country’s police force reminds you of Judge Dredd there’s something fundamentally wrong.



Masahiro Sakurai and Nintendo: Make Dio Brando a playable character in the next Super Smash Bros. (Wii U, 3DS)


glorious dio sama deserves it

"You thought that you got the Smash Ball, but it was I, DIO!"

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Google Chrom, the web browser of choice in Ylisse. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am still not a funny man.

So half of my dashboard is some advertisement for a movie called “the Best of Me”…

Am I just not following enough living, breathing people that tumblel has to seriously advertise to me?

This is an accurate summary of how my day goes when I have work.
Attack on Dickbutt, anyone?
I was going to do the Colossal at the wall but fuck trying to edit out smoke - editing in Dickbutt is easier.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am not a funny man.

I’m secretly cat paparazzi. Also we have one with a half Hitler stache in our barn.

Here’s a map I made a few years back for a setting called “Tierr” - I’ve since abandoned the project, but the map is still one of my favorites. 
Nordonia, the Commonwealth, the Kingdom of Tierr, and the Dominion of Alch are all human-dominate nations. Bruton is not a nation itself, but instead a region dominated by giants. Therebrau and Middlecape are elven-dominated. Aurbor is, like Bruton, a region - only it is dominated by the treelike Aurborn. Callidius is a continent that hasn’t been explored much, but it is home to the dwarves - a slave trade from there to the main continent of Tierr exists.
I might revisit this setting.

“Give me Dandy, or give me death!”

—   Anonymous, on Space Dandy Season 2